LOVE AND ABUSE (2019 - 2020)

She was young when she fell in love with him. Everything was perfect. But slowly, almost imperceptibly, he changed. He began to control how she spent her money, who she met, what she did. Then he beat her, threatened her, and made her think she was worth nothing without him. It wasn't until he beat up her mother that she packed her bag and ran to the nearest bus stop to escape. This is the story of a single woman. But also about many others. Every fourth murder in Norway is a woman who is killed by her partner or ex-partner.

Author Kaia Eriksen and I have investigated the psychological mechanisms that make women stay in - or return to - abusive and destructive relationships. We have met several women, visited shelters for domestic violence and abuse, and been to inconspicuous places where women have been killed by their partner or ex-partner.

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