ATLANTIC COWBOY (2014 - 2019)

Atlantic Cowboy examines the consequences of the lack of women in the Faroe Islands. The project, created over 6-years, depicts the traditional man - the Atlantic cowboy - and the geographical and social periphery he inhabits.

The Faroe Islands are a small island nation in the North Atlantic. The landscape is as breath-taking as it is harsh. Fishing is the main industry of the territory, and although it has modernized in many ways, it is still an industry bound by tradition and mainly run by men. Whilst the men go to sea, the young women are drawn abroad for study or training in Copenhagen or other European cities. More than half of those who leave never return. As a result, the population of 54,000 has a 10% gender deficit among women of reproductive age, making it one of the most gender-imbalanced places in Europe.

Atlantic Cowboy was published by GOST Books in 2023.

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