TEN YEARS (2012 - 2021)

The summer of 2021 marked the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the island of Utoya on July 22, 2011. In the year following the incident, I portrayed the young people who survived. I visited Utoya; today a peaceful island, but full of wounds and memories. In 2021 I made a new portrait of some of the survivors. They are now young adults; some of them live a quiet family life in the suburbs, others have become politicians. Some manage to put their experiences to good use through work or social engagement; others feel they never received the help they needed and were promised. More than a third of them still struggle with PTSD.

A wooden stage on the hills of Utoya island.
Young boy looking straight into the camera.   ···  
Young artist lying on the floor surrounded by a guitar and paintings   ···  
A leaf that casts shadows on the tree trunk on The Love Path on Utoya
A young girls sits with her arm amputated   ···  
A young woman comforts herself and her amputated arm   ···  
Threes in a hill with long shadows
A girl lying on a tree trunk in the forest.   ···  
A young woman stands in the sunlight   ···  
Sunlight shining through the grass on the Utoya island
A young boy sits in a chair in his living room   ···  
A young man stands in front of a lake   ···  
The school building on the island of Utoya
A young wounded woman in her childhood room   ···  
A young woman sits on her bed   ···  
Stones on the sea shore of Utoya island
A young girl looks at herself in the mirror, with scars and wounds   ···  
A young woman with her son   ···  
Tables and benches outside the cafeteria on Utoya
A young girl with curly red hair and a scar on the neck   ···  
A young woman stands in the garden   ···  
A wooden fence along the water's edge on "The Love Path" on Utoya
A girl is seen sitting on her bed, through the window   ···  
A young women lies on her back in the water   ···  
The gangway on MS Thorbjørn, the ferry that transports people between the mainland and Utoya.   ···  
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