The Price of Love

Assignment for VG Helg magazine (NO), 2016

For many women from Thailand, a marriage with a western man represents the dream of a better future, with love and material security. For Pimsiri (37), the dream of a new life in Norway ended with her husband killing her and her son Petchngam (12). For VG Helg i traveled to Bangkok to attend the funeral ceremony of Pimsiri and Petchngam. And to the bars and streets of Pattaya, where western men look for love or intimacy. 

The bodies of Pimsiri and Bel were transported back to Bangkok. According to traditions, family and friends can visit the coffins in a Buddhistic tempel in the days before the funeral.

Pattaya, Thailand.

Kai (34) is making the bed in the apartment of her boyfriend. She is in a relationship with a Norwegian man (60) who visits Pattaya twice a year. 

Walking Street in Pattaya is the main destination for strip bars and brothels.

«Vanida»(32) fell in love with an older Norwegian man who was visiting Thailand. But shortly after she moved to Norway, she realized her new husband was an alcoholic, he was violent and he started to abusing her sexually.

Yenit is married to a Norwegian man who lives in Pattaya, and they own a bar called Kaares Party-bar.

Buddhist prayer flags in the breeze in Pattaya.

Chindarat and Kjell with her nephew Great outside their home in Pattaya. The couple has been happily married for ten years. 

«Pahilin» has a son with a Norwegian man. She hasn't been allowed to see the son in more than a year. 

A young woman takes a rest on the stairs of the room she rents in Pattaya, after a long night working in a bar. Her dream is to find a Norwegian man and move abroad.

Blood is leaking on the temple floor after the bodies of Pimsiri and her son have been cremated. The Norwegian husband was sentenced to 21 years in prison.

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