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Since 2014, I have journeyed to the Faroe Islands to document the impact of a shortage of women on the territory. This project, created over 6-years, depicts the traditional man—the Atlantic Cowboy—and the geographical and social periphery he inhabits. 

The Faroe Islands, a small island nation, are located in the Barents Sea halfway between Norway and Iceland. Fishing is the main industry and although it has modernized in many ways, it is still an industry bound by tradition and mainly run by men. Whilst many men go to sea, the young women are drawn abroad for study or training. More than half of those who leave never return and as a result the population of 54.000 has a gender deficit of around 2000 women. 

The photographs in the book depicts vastness of the land, sky and seascape against which the human presence is dwarfed. They show the domestic interiors and family units, birds being processed and sheep being slaughtered, social celebrations, men at se, hot tubs and hours of physical craft. These details reveal the harshness of life in a territory alongside steadfast endurance, companionship and community. 

Published by GOST Books, 2023

- Essay by Firous Gaini

- Hardcover: 144 pages

- Language: English

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